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How can people know your picture is for real?

They don't know you, so they don't trust you. Don't take it personally: we're bombarded with images of doubtful authenticity every minute of the day. "Fake News" is the hot topic.

Facted lets you embed special public information in pictures that viewers can easily verify themselves to make sure that the image isn't just an old picture being reused. The image's signature is recorded publicly in a way that makes it nearly impossible to modify, which shows when that image was last modified. In this way the viewer can narrow down to within ten seconds when the image was created.

Example: A journalist takes a picture of a police officer firing a gun at an unarmed man at a protest. The file contains a unique number broadcast globally and recorded publicly, which proves that it was taken no earlier. The file is uploaded to a distributed, censorship-resistant file sharing service, and its signature is recorded in a public ledger, which proves that it was taken no later. The journalist can now prove when the image was taken. An editor, reader, prosecutor or judge can independently verify the provenance of this image, which can serve as high quality evidence that is resistant to censorship and manipulation.

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The alpha version of Facted Camera for Android is available as an APK file. This is an alpha release, so it is not completely stable and requires some technical expertise to set up.

You will also need an IPFS node running. You have two options:

In either case the IPFS service must be running in the background for Facted Camera to function properly. This will be changed in the beta version.

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Facted Camera is part of Proven, a platform for verification of digital assets.